Constellation work

Constellation work


Family Constellation work/Systemic work

Only love can resolve…

This method is an offer for people who want to look at and solve their problems with regard to their origins, their family system or their organisational system.

To 95% we underly unconsciuos programming and forces, that were mostly written in our early childhood. But how can I resolve and change something, when I can´t get to the root of the problem?

Through the systemic approach these forces, hidden in the unconscious, can be brought into the light, so that blockades and inner conflicts can be resolved. Even if the cause lies centuries back, we can resolve it in the here and now.

Symptoms like physical illness become superfluous. Interpersonal relationships are pacified. Succes in school and job become possible again. The psyche attains an equilibrium.

Organisational Constellation work for companies, teams and creatives

Similar to how technical processes can be simulated through a production process, the wickerwork of human relations, which is crucial for the succes of a company, can be simulated through systemic work. The „system“ means i.e. the company, its employees, the company in relation to other companies, markets, projects, change of location and especially the people involved. This peek behind the scenes brings things into perspective, that sometimes can´t be realized with the economic glasses or analysis.

Possible questions:

Will the project be successfull?

Why isnt the financing working?

Who are the best partners?

My approach: solution oriented

The Constellation Work is not therapy, but a resolving impuls donator, that designs processes of healing. This is why I emphasize preliminary and subsequent work.

Individual Appointements

Constellation work without a group, with Familiyboard and groundanchors, also hypnothearpeutic trances and inner Constellations (for adults and youths).

Systemic Constellation work with extern representants

For clients who desire a more private format, I put together groups that consist of professional representants. Anonymous Constellation work is always possible.